Managing people can be fraught with problems. Here are some tools & programmes to strengthen your skills and build your team:

  • Engage and Mobilise Employees

Is productivity or moral low? Are your employees giving you negative feedback? Are you having issues retaining and developing top talent?

If you are getting some of these symptoms then this programme will not only address these but also build better team working and increase your comfort and confidence in leading.

  • Communicate Powerfully

Do you feel awkward when speaking with your teams or to public groups? Is your leadership being questioned or challenged? Are you getting feedback on how you communicate?

This programme develops your style to have more impact and influence with people whether they are your own team or external people such as customers or suppliers. A greater understanding of this area of communication also has the benefit of how you can improve the culture in your company.

  • Developing High-Performance Teams

Is your team working as well as you want it? Are you setting up a new team that needs to perform well from the start? Especially if it is critical to your company? Do you have potential leaders that you want to develop beyond their current responsibilities?

The advantage of this programme is that it looks at the dynamics of the team as well as the growing the skills of the leader. And your productivity increases!

  • Influence Others

Are you frustrated because it is hard to get things done? Are you aware of a complaint about someone or something and are not doing anything about it? Have you had feedback that you need to be more flexible?

The benefits of this programme are that you develop more impact and influence. Not only that but you achieve more and strengthen relationships.

All these are delivered one-to-one either together at your office, over the telephone or using Skype.