Accurate and timely information about your business is a must. Here are some straightforward programmes to build mastery of your business:


  • Leadership Dashboard

Too many figures and not enough direction? Overwhelmed and having difficulty focusing on what matters most? Is what is happening in your company not aligning with your vision? Feeling that your values are conflicting with the needs of your business?

In a busy company this tool gets you back on track making sure that you are dealing with the longer term leadership rather than simply managing the hectic here and now. It also looks at your personal values and how you can resolve issues with your company’s needs. This framework gets you to focus on what is most important to your company for its success and your satisfaction.


  • Strategic Planning

Strategy – what strategy? Do you have one or has it turned into a budgeting process? Is it being implemented? Are separate teams doing conflicting things?

Here is a framework which covers the big strategic questions, gives them a priority and then how to execute. You and your team develop a common language to develop an effective and practical approach that makes things happen in this ever more competitive market.


  • Board Development

Is your board no longer effective? Does it have the capabilities you need? Is there conflict rather than robust discussion?

If your board is not developing to better support and direct your company, then it will not grow. This programme will make sure that everyone is clear about their role and responsibilities as well as identify how the composition can be improved. It will assure that you have a clear strategic direction and priorities.

Now if you don’t have a board we need to talk!