Here are a couple of interesting articles. The first, from Barking up the wrong tree, is about your personal performance and how in the short-term you can improve it. Does it also explain why management is generally so poor in finance?

“participants who were exposed to money spent less time helping a person who needed it, sat farther away from another person and preferred solitary activities. In addition, they showed preferences for working alone and asked for help less frequently. On the other hand, participants also revealed an increased desire to take on more work and showed greater persistence in difficult tasks.”

At the macro end of the economic scale is an article from The Federal Reserve Bank of New York looking at the slowdown of productivity and its effect on the economy.

In these tough times what can you do to increase your productivity? You may not be able to change the economy but you can effectively change your position and do better for yourself. Give me a call if you want to talk this through in more detail.

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