This weekend’s FT has a very interesting article on career advice for ambitious women. This is based on Heather McGregor’s ‘Mrs Moneypenny’s Careers Advice for Ambitious Women’ (Amazon link) and uses her network of very successful women to make 9 specific points which are:

1) Get a MBA from one of the best business schools
2) Get specific experience and think long-term
3) Network, network, network with senior people
4) Develop your profile with professional bodies etc
5) Expand your interests, possibly in the not-for-profit sector
6) You can’t “have it all”, hard choices have to be made
7) Know what you want, focus on the career rather than the job
8) Learn to say “No”
9) What Glass Ceiling?

These are many of the issues that I work with regardless of gender. The article has many examples and draws upon Heather McGregor’s years headhunting experience with Taylor Bennett where she is the major shareholder.

With wholesale financial services contracting and the job market getting more and more competitive it is important to get out and raise your profile. Even though the pressure is to stay at your desk longer and longer make sure that you are spending time on 3, 4 and 5 above. It will help you to differentiate and find a position sooner if you lose your job or quite likely get you a promotion. As always give me a call if you want to talk through your situation in more detail.

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4 thoughts on “Just for Women?”

  1. Thank you, a good checklist. I think saying ‘no’ is so important. Many clients benefit from brushing up on their assertiveness skills and looking at what they want to achieve.

  2. Thanks James, very useful and I agree with Jacinta, saying no is something many women struggle with. I have passed it on to a few relevant contacts, Thanks,

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