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In order to catch up with the latest goings on the digital world I went off to Dean Street to lunch with the social media whizz, Keren Lerner. She has some great ideas and her company, Top Left Design, builds some fabulous websites, but that is by the by. Anyway, one of her comments was “What about the good news?” and that got me thinking. Yes, of course there is good news; the stock market is inching up, Apple continue to be brilliant and Facebook is getting even bigger with a floatation to name but three. Yet we tend to take it for granted and the media moves the focus to the negative. So I am going to make a point of redressing the balance.

Today there is an article in Vox by a Swiss professor on why the collapse of the Euro is good for Europe, never mind the irony that it is written by someone from a non-EU country, this ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ story is not quite there. There are many positive stories as todays City AM show and give credence as to why the stock markets are rising:

    • BT posts strong earnings


    • Facebook surges in grey trade




    • American jobs market showing signs of gradual recovery


    Construction sector still expanding

I hope to bring you things that are a little more ‘meaty’ than these, something with a bit of depth and perhaps a little bit inspirational too. By the way, It is worth remembering that investors are looking six months in the future so have discounted the current malaise of Greece, the Euro etc. Besides, they are always optimistic. Why else is someone going to buy equities unless they think they are going to go up?

So look for the “Good News” tab for some of the more optimistic, positive and interesting news that is around. Oh, and Keren, thanks for another marvellous idea!

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  1. Thanks James for the mention, I would love to have more good news on a regular basis from you, imagine if people focused on this instead, it would impact the mood of the nation and the economy in such a positive way! Keep up the brilliant blogging!

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