MightyMidsized.jpgMany companies grow and then get stuck. They are successful, they have got good management and their markets are growing. But the growth is just not happening. Robert Sher in his very good book Mighty Midsized Companies suggests seven symptoms that leaders need to address.  Most companies will have two or three and some all of them. All is not lost as he has some very good observations and practical ways of addressing the issues which have not only saved companies in dire straights but also put them back on the growth path.

Although a management consultant Robert Sher also ran a successful business for some twenty years which means that he writes a realistic account of his well researched subject. There are many reasons why a company stops growing and if you are in this situation this book is well worth a read. Of course, if you do not have the time give me a call and we can organise some coaching.

The Seven Silent Growth Killers? They are:

1. Lack of time discipline
2. Playing with strategy
3. Dashing for growth
4. Poor strategic Acquisitions
5. Systematic operational failures
6. Cash flow crisis
7. Failing to deal with Dysfunctional Leaders

Robert has some great ideas in what is a very readable book.

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