20160413_175733Business owner thinking of selling to move on to pastures new? Then you must come to this complimentary seminar – You will see me!

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry present James Talbot, senior business coach, and Henry Campbell-Jones CEO of Hornblower Business Brokers in a breakfast workshop close to Liverpool Street Station on 19th October.

Who should come? Business owners who are thinking of selling their companies, probably in the next one to three years must definitely be there. It will also be of interest to accountants and lawyers who work in corporate finance as well as other professionals in this area.

What will you get? This is a two-hour workshop with Henry explaining the fundamentals of how to value your company, who might want to buy it and some of the options that you have. James is launching his Company Exit/Sale roundtable which focuses on how business owners can build value in their businesses with regular, practically orientated meetings so that changes are immediately implemented. Originally developed in America James has brought it to London. You will take away lots of ideas, copy of the slides and some exercises to get you started.

Registration Details: To register for this free and very valuable seminar sign up via the London Chamber of Commerce or contact me, James Talbot, on 020 7987 7080 or jt@jtc.org.uk

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