bankrylexchOn 19th October Henry Campbell-Jones of Hornblower Business Brokers and I are holding a seminar on how to value your business and five areas to start thinking about to increase its worth.

How you spend your time as a CEO?

What are the key skills and talents you need in your business?

So what is your Strategic Edge?

How successful can you be?

Who are your customers?

Giving some thought to these areas will not only start you on the road to increasing the value of your company but also give you more time for the things that really matter. If you are interested in building your company over the medium term, quite possibly to sell, then my roundtable with other owner/managers will give you time and structure to making it happen.

So come along to seminar to find out more. It’s free, 8am at Coventry University London Campus, close to Liverpool Street tube, so register here with the London Chamber of Commerce to start making your company a more valuable asset. For more details see here.

Oh if this is not for you but you know someone who will want to come then do forward this or tell me and I will get in touch.

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