Week 3 has been another interesting experience. First off, someone who needs a business mentor approached me. Now, this is a success in anybody’s terms! Secondly, I made a comment that was ‘liked’ by over a 1,100 people on Sincerely_Danicka who sells earrings and hairclips. Why am I looking at this account, I hear you ask? Well, I am following small businesses and there are a lot! They also tend to be in the craft area. Lots of carpenters, for instance, as well as other trades which I admire. Watching people do things get a lot of views, some over a million.

Now back to my account. The figures say it all – no difference! I am still enjoying the journey and posted another 7 videos. The first one, which was of me having a minor celebration for passing my Google Analytics for Beginners exam (it is a very short course), was shared. With whom and for what reason, I have no idea! Another two were also shared, one a short reminiscence on my first computer, the Sinclair XZ81. The last was about increasing sales 16 times. Now, sharing these makes a lot more sense to me. Both had 150 views, the Sinclair one even managed a 12 second average watch time, way above my usual! This week saw me doing my first ‘Reaction’ video to a lady telling me all about how to find a niche. When I posted it, I only got 8 views, peculiarly low even for me. I will repost and see if that makes any difference.

This week, I have had two helpful comments, both about my voice. The first was “I already know that you know exactly what you’re talking about just from your voice”, a younger member of TikTok, I suspect. Reassuring never the less. The other comment was less complimentary but ended with “… you should start an ASMR channel”. Got me thinking though once I had found out what it meant.

As you may have guessed, I have been avoiding talking about my figures. Well, here they are:

jtbc114 Stats for June 2020

As you can see, there has been little change. Apart from a couple of areas everything has stayed much the same, all rather depressing! Average watch time was skewed by the reaction video which only had 4 views averaging 41 seconds a large percentage of a 46 second video. If the sample was not so small, I could take heart from the continued 70% growth in my followers.

All-in-all, this has been a fun week with some learning. My style is not making much impression so I will need to change this, or hit lucky, if I am going to make any real headway. Three-quarters of the way through my 30-day challenge now and I am still glad I have done it. If you want to have a look, go find me at jtbc114

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