It has been sometime since I have been regularly writing and now I intend to put this right. My focus is going to include more business articles and to that effect I have set up a couple more categories to my blog namely Strategy and Boards. There will still be articles on careers in financial services and about executive development which will continue to be found on the careers section of the blog. I have also changed the name to better reflect the wider subject matter to include management topics relevant to owner managers, entrepreneurs and SMEs as well as executives in larger companies.

So, here is a brief catch up with what I have been doing since 2012. The first change came about when an old friend,  Charles McLachlan, asked me to come and help with coaching his Academy for Chief Executives group which he was expanding with his wife, Jill. Not only was it very interesting but it was also rather inspiring. This led on a number of things including joining the e2e exchange for entrepreneurs, New Finance, a FinTech network, and becoming a GrowthAccelerator coach which is now part of Great British Business, a government backed scheme administered by Grant Thornton. Along the way I have upgraded my business coaching tools especially around strategy and boardroom development/engagement. I look forward to telling you more over the next few months.

Not only am I getting out and about more, I am also doing some talks and presentations one of which I am hoping to announce shortly which will be hosted by Grant Thornton.  If you have a group where a talk about management and company leadership would be interesting do let me know.

Compare the photo with this post to the header at the top of the page – how the City skyline has changed from January 2011 to the above on 28th October last year – four short years!


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