WalkieTalkieMay16wSo if you are a Managing Director or an Associate, Emolument have released a survey of some 1,400 people who have completed their ‘give-to-get’ or crowd sourced salary model. City AM have a good summary here.

Briefly, Morgan Stanley pay associates best with total comp of £136,000 and JP Morgan give an average £919,000 to their Managing Directors which is significantly more than the number two.

Of course, these figures are averages across a number of different areas, including both front and back offices, and are self-selecting so should be interpreted with a certain amount of caution. Following on from that note, being a best paid MD in these very cost conscious days is not always going to lead to longevity.

If you are interested in salaries in your sector signing up at Emolument will give you more details and may help you with managing your team costs. It is an interesting business model and a good addition to the normal recruitment industry salary surveys.

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