lakeswebHere we are, Christmas is over, 2017 has started and we are back into the rush of the daily grind. One of my favourite things at this time of year is to stop and give myself some time to ponder about where I am, what I have done and what I want to do during the next year. After all the surprises of 2016, it is doubly important that we take charge of our life so that we can make headway in the turbulent seas around us over which we have no control.

Where I start is with a review of what I have enjoyed and achieved in the last year. Some of my highlights have been mentoring at London Business School, formalising my knowledge learning about company coaching and becoming a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs. Do include other areas of your life such as parent, spouse etc.  What were the disappointments? Are they things you still want to do? Do think about what you have learnt and how you will do things differently going forward.

Now you are in a place to think about 2017. Make a list and go for the ones that you get the most excitement from. The more excited you are the more likely it will be to happen and, as such, it will not only give you direction but also will be your driver. Having made the list, now prioritise them so that you get some focus. Of course, you want to make the SMART and all that sort of thing but also think about who can help you. Do tell them and ask for their support, if only so that you have some accountability.

So, a quick review:

  1.   Review 2016
  2.   Acknowledge your learning
  3.   Make a list for 2017
  4.   Ask for support

I have put more detail in a similar article that I wrote some years ago so do have a look. Or, of course, give me a call and we can set up some sessions.

For me, I am going to focus on doing more company coaching with the strong team that I have around me and getting some holiday time in 2017. So if you know any company owners let me know, I will be posting more about this, and I am glad to say that I have already organised a trip to Morocco over Easter.

With a little planning 2017 can be a lot better!

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