DockersEver wondered what has happened to the startups of yesteryear? 893 were followed by Beauhurst, the high-growth research company, from 2011. Here are their findings which is well worth a read. Some highlights below:

2% IPO

13% Acquisitions (PE or trade)

72% Still active

13% Dead

Of the active companies, Beauhurst suggest that the value of each had grown from £3m to some £12.5m, an increase of over 300%. They do make the point that some of these are still being financed by investors. Unfortunately, there are no figures to see which are profitable, now self-funding or merely ‘walking wounded’.

It is often quoted that 90% of companies fail within five years and this suggests that those that get investment fare much better with only 13% being declared dead. There is quite a variance with only 2% in banking and finance failing as opposed to 21% in “CleanTech”. Interestingly, of the 2011 cohort that received Innovate UK grants only 4% have died.

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