Fear not, this is not a plug for the Edinburgh Fringe. This is about closing more sales. SCOTSMAN is an acronym taking you through the eight main areas to make sure that you and your potential client are a match made in heaven. The better you can cover each letter of the acronym the more likely you will close the sale.

For a smaller company this can also be used as a strategic tool for exploring a new market although there are more sophisticated analytical options for more complicated scenarios. So back to the acronym!

  • Solution:

    Can you supply and support a suitable solution for  your customer from your current portfolio of products or services?

  • Competition:

    Who are you competing against?

  • Originality:

    Is your offer unique or original in this situation?

  • Timescale:

    What is the timescale and can you deliver to this schedule?

  • Size:

    Is the order going to be on your sweet spot or is it going to be top big or small?

  • Money:

    Does the customer have an approved budget and is it enough?

  • Authority:

    Who is involved in the buying process and are you talking with the decision maker?

  • Need:

    What are their needs? Are you both aware of them and can you fulfil them?

The more expensive and complex the product or service the more qualification needs to be done. As the real world is always changing so this needs to be regularly updated particularly when there is a change in the people involved.

SCOTSMAN is best used when you are already established with a product in a market. Although it can be useful to help think about entering new areas there are better tools so give me a call if you want to discuss your this or your strategic aspirations in more detail.

Otherwise, all the best with closing those sales!

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