View from Smith Reed Solicitors
View from Smith Reed Solicitors

Last month I went to 3C’s Community, an event organised by Colin Spiller to provide opportunities to wannabe entrepreneurs who want to test run their pitch in front of a live audience. No money changes hands and it is very much a ‘dry run’ for the starting up participants. The three aspiring companies pitching on this evening were:

Bridgestrike – Our intelligent GPS systems tracks the vehicle location & alerts the driver to potential bridge strikes ahead using visual and audible alerts.

OpenTRV sets out to make it easy to save lots of energy by not heating rooms that you’re not in, and by no longer trying to use a single thermostat to get your whole house comfortable.

whym – Translation for travel – When accuracy really matters, access an interpreter on your smartphone.

The event started off with a presentation from Frazer Thompson, the CEO and main force behind Chapel Down which produces a world-class range of sparkling and still wines, together with the award-winning range of Curious beers & cider. He gave an interesting and entertaining talk and summarised with his seven top learning’s since setting up his business:

  1. Good people are the difference – hire the best and unlock their passion
  2. It’s all about love. For the staff, the customers, the suppliers and the consumers
  3. Not all money is equal
  4. “Try to go to bed a little less stupid that you woke up”
  5. Integrity matters, you reputation is all
  6. Plan to be patient. Focus on making really great products and profit will follow
  7. Above all be brave!

For all of you that love good sparkling wine, especially if you are planning a wedding, he gives shareholders a full 33% off on wines and 25% off his beers. Here is the link.  As Frazer said, this is a great marketing tool as he gets his shareholders to sell for him.

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