chickFilALast month I had the privilege to learn about the culture of Chick-fil-A, the American chicken fast food chain, and how it has built into a $6 billion company in 1900 locations. We heard from senior management, supply chain experts and a franchisee about their framework and their disciplined hiring process. The framework is made up of five parts which are:

  • See and shape the future
  • Engage and develop others
  • Reinvent continuously
  • Value results and relationships
  • Embody the values

These seek to influence everything that they do and has been the case for decades. As they freely admitted they do a lot of thinking and consulting before they then take action. These are also strongly supported by their values which are generosity, integrity, excellence and stewardship. These come from Truett Cathy, the founder, who was a strong Baptist. ‘People before profit’ was a bit of a mantra and Truett, a fascinating character, has set up a strong and successful culture.

Review Model

One other practical model they gave us was ‘Keep, Start, Stop’. Take three sheets of paper and write on the top of each ‘Keep’ or ‘Start’ or ‘Stop’. Review your processes and then place each on one of the sheets. If it is on the start or stop page add a date and ensure that it has happened by then. Simple and easy to implement.
During the quieter summer lull give some thought to what you want to keep doing and look at what you want to do differently. Doing this simple exercise help concentrate the mind!

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